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If you'd like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We'd love to hear about your experience!

“Dr. Eli is an excellent orthodontist. He's not the first orthodontist that I've taken my children to, but he's the best. My oldest daughter had phase one with another orthodontist in Mission Viejo. She hadn't even completed her first phase and he was already telling me that we needed to start the second phase. It made me suspicious. Plus, he didn't have convenient office hours. So I started looking around for a new orthodontist. We had consults at three other offices and Dr. Eli's office stood out above the rest. First, he said my daughter didn't need to start immediately with the second phase. We ended up waiting about six months before she started. Second, he's a family man. He has photos of his family around the office and talks of his kids often. One thing I couldn't believe, but it's true, is this: the day my oldest daughter got her braces on we got a call during dinner. It was Dr. Eli. He was calling to check on my daughter and see how she was feeling. I couldn't believe it. This is something that I'm sure would have happened back in the 1950s or 1960s, but not now. People are too busy after they leave the office to worry about their patients. Not Dr. Eli. He should have been spending time with his three small children and wife, but he was calling our house. Dr. Eli really cares about his patients. His staff is awesome. Kym always has a smile on her face and goes out of her way to make you feel like part of the orthodontic family. If you're looking for an orthodontist, I highly recommend that you call Dr. Eli's office for a complimentary consult. See for yourself. I now have two of my children in braces with Dr. Eli. We've found our family orthodontist and we're very happy.” – S. Boles

“Dr. Eli is the best! I was referred to him by my dentist and I was super happy I went to him for my Invisalign® treatment. I wanted to straighten my teeth for my wedding so I had a limited amount of time. He made the treatment work for my timeline. He arranged the Invisalign trays so that I would have a month break for when I was out of town for my wedding and honeymoon. This meant extra work for Dr. Eli, but he did it anyways. During the month break, he removed all the bumps that were on my teeth to help them move better with Invisalign trays. Then when I returned, he put them back on. I have never heard of an orthodontist who was so accommodating like how Dr. Eli was for me. He allowed me to continue my treatment until I was 100% happy with my teeth. I was so impressed and relieved that he was so supportive of what I was looking for to straighten my teeth. He made everything work for my schedule and I can't thank him enough for making my smile brighter on my wedding day!

“You can tell that Dr. Eli, Kym, and all the staff there really care about you and making sure you get the smile you want when you are finished. Dr. Eli always made me feel comfortable, and I highly recommend him to anyone thinking to get orthodontic work on themselves or their kids.” – Catherine S.

“Wow! This orthodontic office is by far the best! The office is clean, the staff is very welcoming and friendly, and they know what they're doing. Both my kids have braces now because they made it financially affordable for me. I have taken my kids to a few different Orthodontists in the area, but they didn't compare to Eli Orthodontics! First of all, I liked the way I was treated from the moment I called the office to the moment my kids and I left the consultation appointment. This office made me feel welcome and comfortable. My kids were a little nervous until Dr. Eli explained in full detail what they needed and why they needed braces. Kym, the treatment coordinator, seems like she has a good working relationship with Dr. Eli and made sure we understood the process and made all the financials work for me so my kids could get their treatment started. My kids look forward to coming to their appointments...they get rewarded for their good brushing, and I get coffee and cookies. I highly recommend this office for many reasons!!!” – Tami

“I love the opportunity to brag on an experience that will be with me, literally, for the rest of my life. My son had already gone through his 'first' phase elsewhere and it came time in my life to do something for myself. I visited the 'other' place and was surprised at the drastic procedures and treatment they had laid out for me...there was a dissertation of what my payments would be and how much my insurance was 'saving' me. Needless to say, I opted to check out another, and thank God He led me to Dr. Eli's office. Friendly and warm is to understate how I felt everyone in the office. I got the same sense from the other patients that they were having a great experience as well. There was no haggling, I received the treatment I wanted, did not even use insurance, and received a better deal than the 'other' place. I decided to get my Invisalign done and my son's second phase and saved some money by paying up front. I'm done with my treatment and my son's is working through his just fine. Not only did I get a great deal and a new smile, I also made some wonderful friends. I wouldn't send anyone anywhere else unless they didn't want friendly service, a great deal, and absolute integrity.” – Matt

“Love it...again!

“Dr. Eli and Kym are super nice. New, nice office, it's literally minutes away from work and I have always been able to get the appointment times I want. If you have read my previous reviews, I truly judge a dental office by how I'm greeted and spoken to by the front-desk personnel. Kym is great, helpful, nice, considerate, and then some. Dr. Eli does all the work himself, looks like he enjoys his profession, and a visit to the dental/ortho office could have never been better. Too bad Dr. Eli is only an orthodontist and not a general dentist because it has been really difficult for me finding the right dentist.” – Kelz P.

“Dr. Eli and his team are quite simply ‘the best!’ Our oldest son needed substantial work done and they completed the complicated procedures with amazing results! His smile is gorgeous. Now our second son is going through his process. Dr. Eli is very hands on and detail oriented. Kym's smile just lights up the office as she confidently and intelligently guides you through the insurance and scheduling process. While the office is state of the art in technology, the feeling is good old-fashioned neighborhood friendly and comfortable! Keep up the great work!” – Kristen

“I highly recommend Dr. Eli. He and his staff are professional and knowledgeable. Dr. Eli always took the extra time and care needed for my Invisalign, and we had many challenges because I'm not a spring chicken, and my teeth were stubborn! However, I would do it all over again with Eli Orthodontics, no hesitation.” – Laurie P.

“I have to say that Dr. Eli is one of the best orthodontist I have come across. Not only is his staff so warming and helpful but his policy is so refreshing. I felt I got the best treatment for a fair price. My whole family is undergoing treatment and I would highly recommend his office if you need orthodontic care. You won't regret it. I love his staff!” – Michelle W.

“Dr. Eli and the entire staff are wonderful. I had an amazing experience throughout my Invisalign treatment. Everyone was always friendly, warm, and professional. Thanks so very much.” – Kelli

“Dr. Eli and Kym have been great. They made me feel very welcome right away and I decided to commit to the braces. The office is state of the art and very impressive. All chairs have a GREAT view out the window.” – Anonymous

“We love Dr. Eli! He is gentle, kind, and trustworthy! If you're looking for a GREAT ORTHODONTIST, he is the one. His office makes you feel like you are a part of his family.” – Anonymous

“Thank you for your excellent treatment of my patients. They always come back singing your praises!” – Brent Bowling, DDS

“Best orthodontist EVER! We were recommended to Dr. Eli from our dentist. We consulted with other orthodontists before we met with Dr. Eli. Once we met him, we knew he was the right fit. He is gentle, genuine, and really knows his stuff. The office staff is professional and fun. The office is clean! Both my kids entered treatment and soon I followed.” – Jena

“Thank you! Eli Orthodontics definitely stands true to their word. Behind every brilliant smile is a hard-working, dedicated dental professional. Eli Orthodontics is a warm, friendly, caring, and family-centered environment.” – Rmoreno

“I have two children being treated by Dr. Eli right now. We have been so pleased with the progress we've seen in our children’s' smiles. We consulted with two orthodontists before picking Dr. Eli and I could tell from the beginning that his office was the right place for us. Kym and the other staff are so welcoming and learn everyone's names very quickly. The atmosphere is comfortable and pleasant. I really feel like Dr. Eli does a thorough job and puts forth the time to talk with each parent/child about what was done each visit. I would highly recommend him!” – Nancy M.

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